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. >> reporter: he and three partners have launched virginia's self-defense law. the difference with this firm is that they charge a low monthly retainer of $8.33. >> people are retaining a lawyer. they have a lawyer. this is not an insurance plan. that's an important distinction. >> reporter: he says he would have defended george zimmerman who shot and killed trayvon martin had it happened in virginia and if he'd already been signed up with the firm. >> he'd have already had to have retained us. if something happens and you want to retain us, you're in the ordinary pay scale. >> reporter: cuccinelli says virginia gun owners who are allowed to open carry are often harassed and charged when they shouldn't be. the firm will not defend those who use their guns to commit crimes, nor will they defend those who use guns in domestic violence situations. >> we will not defend charges within a household. >> reporter: you won't? >> no. and it's written in the retainer. >> reporter: the firm has no cap on legal fees, but clients may have to post their own bond and pay for expert witnesses, if needed.
. the defense attorneys suggest it was corporal punishment and the discipline was appropriate. >>> coming up next an altercation breaks out between a police officer and the man who was video taming -- videotaping him making the arrest. >> we are cold and clear now. we had about an inch and a half of notice on the weather terrace. high temperature 38 at national, low was 30, averages now 50 and 33, record high 74, record low 12. we will come back, look ahead to the weekend and to our next st >>> can you and i as regular citizens whip out our cell phones and video the cops making arrests? even the courts say yes as long as we're not violating any laws and that is why this confrontation is under investigation. take a listen. >> i haven't done anything wrong. >> leave! >> i have done nothing. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, sir. there is no reason for you to be here. >> you don't. you just lost it. >> we are concerned about what we saw in the video and the department will be taking a thorough look at that video. >> you just lost your freedom of speech apparently. that man was recording last sunday as balt
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2